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Communication is key in every professional realm, whether it is in the courtroom or a boardroom. When you need to make your point clear or understand the other person’s point of view, language can be a barrier. If communication is unclear due to different languages, it can lead to legal pitfalls and major misunderstandings. To make sure both sides are heard and understood, you need the help of a professional interpreter or translator.

Language Interpreter versus Translator

Did you know that there are over 7,000 spoken languages in the world? It is no wonder that it can be hard to communicate when so many different forms of speech are used. Whether you are a lawyer that needs to understand the language of a key witness during a deposition or a human resource director that needs to create employee handbooks in different languages, EcoScribe Solutions has the language professional you need. Here are the differences between our interpreter and translator services.

Interpreters can translate language live during face-to-face interactions, whether it is in-person or remotely. This is vital for remote depositions in the legal realm as well as for succinct conversations in the business world. An interpreter can be part of a courtroom setting, relaying speech from a witness and conveying questions from the attorneys, judges, or court staff. They can also be the liaison for police, corporate meetings, arbitrations, mediations, and many other situations involving individuals speaking different languages.

Translators take written documents and convert them to another language. This is vital for international and domestic legal cases, as well as all types of business ventures. While there are software programs that can convert text from one language to another, there can be nuances that are missed with machine or digital translations. A professional translator can ensure that the right message is conveyed when translating complex depositions, instruction manuals, legal forms, proposals and many other documents.

Legal Translation Pitfalls

From court cases to corporate alliances, poor translation or interpretation can be disastrous. There are many circumstances where misunderstandings due to inaccurate translations ruined a legal case or a possible merger. In some cases, an interpreter is not available, delaying a deposition or important mediation. All types of legal problems can occur when government agencies, law firms, corporations and other entities do not have access to reliable and accurate interpreters and translators.

Professional Translators and Interpreters

Do you need an interpreter that can speak Hindi for your upcoming remote deposition? Does your company need to create an instruction manual for your product in Japanese? When you need reliable interpreting or translating services, you can trust our professionals at EcoScribe Solutions. We have worked with law firms, government agencies, fortune 500 companies, and all types of organizations from across the country and worldwide. With our legal background in boutique court reporting, remote depositions and other services, you can find the professional services you need at EcoScribe Solutions.

Do not let a language barrier impact your legal case or next business transaction. Contact us at EcoScribe Solutions to learn more about our translation and interpretation services – we offer both live interpreters and remote options in New York, Boston and throughout the country.