EcoScribe – World Class Court Reporting and Litigation Services


In- Person Court Reporting

EcoScribe provides highly skilled, top tier court reporters with the experience and professionalism to accurately transcribe depositions, arbitrations, mediations, public hearings and EUO’s...

Remote Depositions

As a virtual company, EcoScribe has been using remote depositions from the start. We have a technical support team member overseeing each remote deposition in its entirety..

Technical Specialist

EcoScribe also offers the option of having a technical specialist present your exhibits for you for a small fee if you are uncomfortable with doing it yourself.

Legal Video

EcoScribe works with the best videographers in the business to meet your case’s video requirements. In addition to in-person video recording..

Appellate Printing Services

Through our strategic partnerships, EcoScribe can assist you with your case’s appellatie printing needs.

Government Agencies

needs of government agencies differ greatly from our law firm and corporate clients. Ecoscribe is approved to work with all government agencies..