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Effective communication is vital for all aspects of government, which includes sharing accurate information. The exact wording used during a hearing, legislative session, council meeting, or other government interaction must be precisely recorded to ensure no misunderstanding of the events. Legal transcription services for government agencies at all levels are critical and should only be performed by highly qualified court reporters.

Government Transcription Services

All levels of government need transcription services to convert audio, video, and live events to text. This ensures that the information revealed can be shared with other agencies and affiliates and retained for future use. Some of the circumstances that require legal transcription services for government agencies include:

  • Hearings and depositions
  • Interrogations
  • Jail/prison recordings
  • News briefings and press releases
  • Legislative sessions
  • Research studies
  • Interviews
  • Video and webinar captioning
  • Meeting minutes
  • Emergency broadcasts
  • Law enforcement evidence transcriptions

Legal transcription services provide accurate information between government officials and the public. Creating word-for-word documents and captioning ensures that no miscommunication occurs when listening to audio or watching video events. Although there are AI platforms that perform transcription, they are not always accurate or understand the nuances needed for government agency documents. It takes an experienced court reporter who understands government entities’ requirements to perform the transcription to meet the needs of each agency. Knowing the verbiage and terms used to create precise transcriptions and documents takes extensive skill and experience, which we can provide at EcoScribe Solutions.


We Are Registered and Approved

Court reporting and transcription for government agencies differ significantly from performing these services for law firms and commercial entities. Court reporters must understand the nuances of the specific agency and what is required to meet their specifications. There are many circumstances when government agencies require the expertise of a court reporter to perform legal transcription, translation, and other services. If your government agency needs legal transcription services, it is vital to have a court reporting service that can provide the quality and turnaround times required.


At EcoScribe Solutions, we are approved and have worked with government agencies at all levels. We utilize the latest technology, and our court reporters can provide in-person legal transcription services as well as nationwide remote deposition and transcription services. Our company offers a wide selection of courting reporting services for government agencies, from transcription and court reporting in New York to appellate printing in Washington, DC.


Many transcription service companies are available, but not all understand the unique needs of government agencies. The specifications for a federal agency requiring a hearing or deposition transcribed are different from those for corporations or law firms. If you are a government contracting agent looking for legal transcription services, you can count on our team at EcoScribe Solutions. We offer our services worldwide and work with local, state, and federal agencies that need court reporting, translation, transcription, and appellate printing. Contact our team at 888.651.0505 or through our website to learn more about all our government court reporting services.