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When attorneys and legal teams are building a case, they need access to accurate records from depositions, exhibits, and transcripts. One of the key aspects of winning legal trials is having the information easily accessible to build a solid legal case. Court reporting is a vital part of litigation support, which is why ensuring you have an experienced and precise court reporter for your law firm is crucial.

Just like most professions, there are differences in the quality and accuracy of court reporters. The experience and skill level can vary greatly, which is important to consider when choosing a reporter to handle your litigation support. At EcoScribe, we have focused our boutique court reporting firm on providing the absolute best reporters for legal teams all over the country. Our court reporters have been carefully vetted and provide the following benefits for litigation support for law firms in Boston, New York, and throughout the country.


Legal Experience

When choosing a court reporter for your law firm, you want individuals that have extensive legal experience. Our court reporters have a wide range of legal expertise, which is important when transcribing and recording intricate legal depositions. We can pair you with a court reporter that has experience in the specific type of legal cases your law firm handles, for precise transcription.


Remote Deposition Expertise

When you need a remote deposition court reporter, we have individuals that can provide accurate and efficient remote depositions. Our court reporters have extensive experience performing remote depositions in Boston, New York, and even internationally. You can expect precision transcription that details every word that is shared during the deposition, ensuring you have the information you need to win your case.


Advanced Technology

Court reporting has changed drastically in the last few years, and so has the technology used to record and complete in-person and remote depositions. Our court reporters utilize the latest technology to improve the efficiency and precision of every legal transcription. When you choose an EcoScribe court reporter for your law firm, you can expect to have a punctual, reliable, and accurate professional as part of your litigation support team. If needed, our court reporters can provide technical support during remote depositions or play the role of moderator.


Transparency and Accuracy

Building your legal case requires access to every relevant detail that is revealed in depositions and trials. We can provide legal transcription services, videotaped deposition services, nationwide remote depositions, and many other types of litigation support. Our team can provide the transparency and accuracy that is required when recording legal proceedings.


Law Firm Court Reporting in New York, Boston, and Worldwide

EcoScribe is your source for highly experienced litigation support, including our skilled court reporters. We can pair you with a court reporter to transcribe your remote and in-person depositions, arbitration, mediation, and other legal proceedings. To learn more about our court reporters in Boston, New York, and throughout the country, contact our team at EcoScribe. We have world-class litigation and court reporting services – call us at 888.651.0505 or contact us online.