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In a world full of video and audio, it may seem like the written language is outdated. Bookstores are becoming few and far between, while YouTube and satellite audio are thriving. While it may be true that many people would rather watch the movie than read the book, there is still a great need for text, especially in the legal, government, and corporate world. Audio transcription is still absolutely vital for many different reasons.


Legal Audio Transcription

There is possibly no realm that uses audio transcription more than law firms and legal entities. Whether it is writing down word-for-word a deposition, or transcribing a mediation session, audio transcription is used to share accurate depictions of legal interactions. Listening to a recorded audio session is harder to analyze. You need to listen at the pace of the conversation and may miss words that are spoken, which is time-consuming and may impact the message of the deposition, recorded evidence, or other legal recordings.  Accurate audio transcriptions are needed to ensure everyone within a legal case has the exact same information.


Easier to Understand

Whether it is a recording of a business meeting or a remote deposition, transcription makes audio recordings easier to interpret and understand. Background noise, heavy accents, poor audio equipment, and other factors can make it hard to comprehend what is being said and relayed in recordings. Transcription can turn a barely audible recording into an easy-to-read document that everyone involved can understand and analyze.


What About SEO?

Although audio and video are huge on the internet, they are still hard to find when it comes to search engines. Search engine optimization or SEO is vital if you want anyone to be able to find what you share on the internet. Audio and video transcription are important for websites that contain audio or video information – this provides the text of the digital media so that search engines can find the keywords. When someone searches for a certain product or service on Google, transcription of a promotional or informational video can help them find your site.


Save Digital Space

With so many audio and video files on phones, computers and storage devices, it can quickly take up your space. Anyone with a cell phone knows that their audio and video media usually take up most of their memory. Transcription files are much smaller and compact for keeping long-term, and they are easier to forward and share with others versus other types of media requiring more digital space.


Professional Audio Transcription

Do you need an audio transcription of a remote deposition in New York City? Does your latest YouTube video need a transcript for SEO purposes? At EcoScribe Solutions, we have a stellar team of professional court reporters that specialize in transcription that can create accurate depictions of audio recordings.  Our team understands the importance of accuracy in legal documentation, which can benefit your law firm or business when you need audio transcription services. Contact us today to learn more about hiring one of our professional transcriptionists.