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When you are searching for a reliable court reporting company to handle depositions, legal video, transcription, and translation needs for your firm or government agency, you need to properly vet your prospects. Not all court reporting companies offer the same level of expertise, experience and customer assistance, or offer the same services. Considering the importance of the information recorded by court reporters, you want a company that you can trust with your most valuable intellectual data. Here are six mistakes you should try to avoid when choosing a court reporting firm for your organization.


1. Not Inquiring About Remote Deposition Experience

Most companies that offer court reporting can perform remote depositions, especially those that existed during the pandemic era. However, not all have the same level of experience. Remote depositions are needed in many cases, saving time and money when needing information from those far away or without adequate transportation. Do not make the mistake of assuming a company is experienced at performing remote services – do your diligence to check their history.


2. Picking a Company Without Advanced Technology

You may think choosing a company that has been around for decades is the best choice. Not necessarily. Court reporting technology has changed drastically, especially in the last few years with digital interactions. Experience is important, but do not base your decision on longevity over advanced technology. You need a company that can excel in today’s high-tech environment.


3. Not Checking Credentials

Never assume that all court reporters have the same credentials. There are different levels of certifications and training amongst court reporters. You want a company that holds its court reporters to the highest standards – make sure you are checking the company’s credentials and those of its employees.


4. Assuming Size Over Niche Expertise Matters

You may think a large company can better meet your needs than a smaller boutique firm. Just because a company is large does not mean they have the best product – that is like saying McDonald’s makes the best burger because they make more than any other company. When you choose a boutique firm like EcoScribe that has niche expertise, you are likely to receive a better quality service with the expertise that matters to exceed your expectations.


5. Limited Service Area and Accreditation

In many cases, it is nice to choose a local company, but that may not always be the right choice for court reporting needs. What if you need court reporting in New York or a remote deposition in Boston? Not all local companies are able to handle nationwide or worldwide court reporting services, which you may need in the future.


6. Assuming Every Company Offers the Same Level of Expertise

Just like your firm or agency may have an edge over others in your field, there are major differences in court reporting firm expertise. You need to explore the background of the company you hire and compare them against others in the industry. Can the company handle setting up remote depositions or even moderating when necessary? Do they utilize advanced safety, security, and backup technology? Can they upload or manage digital exhibits? It is important to know exactly the level of expertise a company has to handle all your legal needs.


Nationwide Boutique Courting Reporting

From handling a remote deposition in New York to court reporting in Boston, EcoScribe is your source for experienced court reporting services. We are a boutique court reporting agency that specializes in cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer services, highly-credentialed staff, and unmatched accuracy. Contact our team to learn more about our exceptional services including remote depositions, arbitration, legal video, transcription and translation.