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How Videotaped Depositions Enhance Case Preparation and Presentation

In the article “Capturing the Truth: How Videotaped Depositions Enhance Case Preparation and Presentation,” we delve into the remarkable benefits of incorporating video depositions into legal proceedings. With their ability to capture not only words but also facial expressions, body language, and overall demeanor, video depositions bring a new level of authenticity to the courtroom.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Court Reporting Company

Make the right choice when choosing a court reporting company for your firm or agency. EcoScribe relays the top six mistakes to avoid when vetting a court reporting firm to handle your depositions, transcriptions, and other court reporting needs

Advantages of Remote Depositions

Legal professional holds a conference call. EcoScribe Solutions offers remote depositions in New York and nationwide.

Remote depositions offer many advantages that can save time and money for law firms. EcoScribe explains how to improve your efficiency and accuracy using the benefits of remote depositions.

7 Situations When You May Need a Court Reporter

Legal document files are stacked with gavel on top. EcoScribe Solutions offers court reporting in Boston and New York as well as nationwide.

There are many situations where a court reporter and transcription of the proceedings are needed. Learn about seven different areas where court reporting can benefit your law firm, government agency, or corporation.