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If you are an attorney or part of any legal team, you have likely been involved in a remote deposition. While in-person depositions were once the norm, remote depositions skyrocketed since 2020. The pandemic created the switch to almost 100% remote depositions for a period of time, but even after in-person regulations eased, remote depositions have remained. It is likely that remote depositions will continue to be the standard going forward due to the following advantages.


Remote Depositions Save Time

One of the biggest advantages of remote depositions is how efficiently they can be performed. When an in-person deposition takes place, it requires all parties to meet at one location, which can involve extensive travel and possible interference. From traffic issues to canceled flights, there are many issues that can delay a deposition that is scheduled as an in-office meeting.


With remote depositions, many of the possible interruptions or delays can be avoided. Every attendee can join from wherever they may be, which allows for more flexibility in scheduling. This can help speed up the process of obtaining the deposition needed and most remote depositions require less total time by all participants than a deposition held at a physical location. Multiple remote depositions can be performed in one day, while in the past one deposition could require days if travel was involved.


Accuracy and Focus

What many litigators and legal personnel have learned since the pandemic and the increasing use of remote depositions is that this method can be extremely accurate. Instead of the crosstalk and sidebar conversations that occur in office situations, remote depositions can be more focused on the proceeding. The way that remote depositions are moderated and video-conferenced allows for the focus to be solely on the speakers, eliminating other distractions. In many cases, remote depositions tend to be more accurate than in-person sessions due to how they are performed.


Reducing Costs of Depositions

There is no doubt that remote depositions can reduce costs for all entities involved. While an investment in technology to perform the videoconferencing is needed, this is a drop in the bucket compared to in-person depositions. Travel expenses for witnesses, court reporters, litigators, and anyone involved can be expensive. For litigators, every minute wasted waiting or traveling for depositions costs money – it is time that could be billed to other clients.


Nationwide Remote Depositions

No longer do you need to gather everyone involved in a case in one place. When completing a remote deposition, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and other cities where participants are located can all be included. Even international participants can join in the deposition when it is performed remotely, making these proceedings more time and cost-efficient for everyone.


Nationwide Court Reporting Agency

At EcoScribe, we offer nationwide remote depositions and court reporting services for our clients. Our team utilizes the latest remote deposition technology and advanced methodology to ensure accurate and efficient remote depositions. If you need a court reporter for a remote deposition in New York, Boston, or throughout the country, contact us for information on our services. Call our team at 888.651.0505 for detailed information on our extensive court reporting and transcription services.