EcoScribe – Court Reporting Experts

There are many situations when litigators, commercial entities, and government entities require the expertise of an experienced court reporter. The legal transcription services provided by court reporters ensure accuracy when recording legal events, when it is in a boardroom, courthouse, or through remote depositions. At EcoScribe, we provide exceptional court reporting personnel with advanced technology and versatility that can perform in various situations when you may need a court reporter.


In-Person Depositions

When you need to perform a legal interview and have the questions and answers transcribed, a court reporter is necessary. In-person depositions are generally performed at a law office by the litigating team. These types of depositions can be videotaped to record the interview, which can be completed with our videotaped deposition services.


Remote Depositions

More and more litigators are using remote depositions to save time and money. Court reporters can transcribe remote depositions that are performed via videoconferencing or may be needed to help moderate the interview. At EcoScribe, we can facilitate a remote deposition in New York or from any location in the country. Our court reporters and team can also perform the technical aspect of the proceeding to ensure that the videoconference session goes efficiently.


Examination Under Oaths (EUOs)

When an insurance company is questioning the legitimacy of an insurer’s claim, they may request an examination under oath (EUO) to discuss the claim. A court reporter should be present to record the interaction and evidence which may be used if the claim goes to court or mediation.



While not all arbitration proceedings require a court reporter, there are benefits to having the services of a court reporter at these events. Audio transcription of the proceedings can prevent misunderstandings that can arise and ensure the precise words are recorded to avoid “he said, she said” situations from arising.


Public Hearings

Court reporting is performed at most public hearings, whether it is a small, local venue, or a Federal court proceeding. EcoScribe provides experienced court reporters for all types of public hearings. We offer nationwide court reporting for everything from international to local cases.



Similar to arbitration, mediation sessions can also benefit from a court reporter. These can be performed in-person or remotely and the session can be recorded accurately by the court reporter. Having word-for-word transcripts can ensure mediations progress smoothly without misunderstandings.


Government Agencies

Not only do government agencies often require court reporting and transcription services, but their requirements are also much different than those of law firms and corporate entities. EcoScribe is approved and has worked with many government agencies for court reporting. Boston, New York, and nationwide court reporting services are available through our experienced team.


Law firms, large corporations, insurance companies, government entities, and many legal situations benefit from court reporting services. At EcoScribe, we offer nationwide remote depositions, videotaped deposition services, in-person court reporting, and much more, utilizing the latest transcription technology. If you need a deposition court reporter for any reason in New York, Boston or nationwide, contact us at 888.651.0505 for more information on our services.