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7 Situations When You May Need a Court Reporter

Legal document files are stacked with gavel on top. EcoScribe Solutions offers court reporting in Boston and New York as well as nationwide.

There are many situations where a court reporter and transcription of the proceedings are needed. Learn about seven different areas where court reporting can benefit your law firm, government agency, or corporation.

Creating Accurate Remote Deposition Transcripts

A group of professionals hold a video conference. EcoScribe Solutions offers videotaped deposition services.

Accurate remote deposition transcripts take skill and experience to prepare, plan and execute. EcoScribe is your source for experienced court reporting for accurate remote depositions and transcriptions.

Depositions 101

EcoScribe offers and legal transcription services.

Depositions are critical for most types of legal proceedings. EcoScribe explains the basics of depositions and the importance of accurate transcription from a skilled court reporting service.