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Do You Need Accurate Court Reporting in Boston, MA?

Law firms, government agencies, court systems, and many other agencies use court reporters to record depositions and legal interactions accurately. As technology changes, there are more and more options for digital software and artificial intelligence (AI) to replace many jobs that were once completed solely by humans. However, if you want an accurate recording that will meet the highest legal standards, you will want to hire an experienced court reporter. EcoScribe Solutions is your source for accurate court reporting. Boston is one of the many cities we serve for remote depositions, court reporting, videography, and more.

Technology Changes in Court Reporting in Boston

Court reporting has been used for over 100 years by the legal system. While some things remain the same, many of the technological aspects have changed. In-person court reporting has become less common – digital and remote options are utilized to save time and money. There has been speculation that AI options could replace human court reporters, but this is an idealistic solution. AI, voice recognition and digital software will be part of court reporting in the future, but we are a long way off from computers replacing the skills of a court reporter.

Technology plays a significant role in today’s court reporting, but it still requires human intelligence to ensure accuracy. Voice recognition and AI-assisted court reporting are used in some realms, but they can lead to many issues when recording the exact words and nuances of a hearing, deposition, or other legal interaction. Some of the downfalls of relying solely on AI technology for court reporting include the following:

  • Malfunctioning digital equipment
  • Misunderstanding verbiage due to accents, foreign language or emotion
  • Discerning conversations when there is overtalk
  • Fragmented testimony due to inaccurate recordings
  • Misunderstanding legal and other jargon

Technology is essential for court reporting in Boston and all over the world. It allows for remote depositions, faster transcriptions, and many other digitally-enhanced options. However, it still requires the expertise of a highly skilled and experienced court reporter to ensure accuracy. The human touch is still needed to analyze and relay precise recordings of legal interactions. This ensures that every word is correct, exhibits are properly placed, and transcripts are completed promptly.

High-Tech Court Reporting

At EcoScribe Solutions, we have invested in the latest court reporting technology to give our clients the most accurate and efficient transcriptions and recordings. We understand that our industry is changing, and embracing new technology is crucial to stay at the forefront of our field. But more importantly, we have tech-forward court reporters that can perform their duties at the highest level, combining high-tech with human experience for the most accurate transcriptions.

When you need court reporting, Boston law firms, corporations, and government entities can trust our team at EcoScribe Solutions. We have highly skilled court reporters that can perform in-person court reporting, remote depositions, videotaped depositions, transcriptions, and more. Contact our office to learn more about the court reporting services we offer in Boston, MA.