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Where Are Remote Deposition Services Near Me?

The COVID pandemic changed the way depositions are typically performed. Before 2020, remote depositions were used, but not to the extent they are today. When suddenly the world was forced onto a digital platform, remote depositions became the only option. Still, not all court reporting agencies had the technology needed to perform accurate remote depositions. If you are wondering, “Where do I find remote deposition services near me?” you need to look no further than EcoScribe Solutions. We have been performing accurate, efficient remote depositions since our conception, and we offer our remote deposition services to our clients from all over the world.

Before remote depositions, court reporters, lawyers, witnesses, and other people involved in depositions had to travel extensively. Whether it was driving to a neighboring city or flying across the country, most depositions were completed face-to-face. Remote depositions became possible with advances in digital video technology and access to the internet, but until 2020, many law firms, court reporters and government facilities were not equipped with the correct components for secure remote depositions.

Critical Components of Remote Depositions

Videoconferencing through various digital platforms requires specialized software and technology to ensure that legal proceedings are accurately recorded. Most legal professionals, government agencies and law firms that are involved in remote depositions have needed to update their technology to participate. However, it is vital to have a court reporting agency that specializes in remote depositions and has the following skills and components:

  • Highest-quality audio and video recording technology
  • Backup system in case of technical difficulties
  • Technical specialists available to present exhibits, if necessary
  • Experienced court reporters to moderate depositions
  • Secure online platform
  • Support team to troubleshoot technical issues


Even with the latest technology and experience in remote depositions, there are always unforeseen problems that can occur. A computer can crash, the internet may go down, or human errors can disrupt a deposition. Having a court reporting agency that is equipped to handle any issues and ensure an accurate and expedient deposition is crucial.

Worldwide Remote Deposition Experts

At EcoScribe Solutions, we began as a virtual boutique court reporting agency; thus, we have always been at the forefront of the remote deposition industry. We have invested in the latest videoconferencing and remote deposition technology, constantly improving our systems. Our team has highly qualified court reporters and videographers that are backed by our technical specialists and support team. Since we have a virtual company, we are available when you need remote deposition services in Boston, New York, or wherever you live or work.

Remote depositions have made it simpler to record testimony from defendants, witnesses and experts for legal proceedings. No longer is it necessary to identify a location and have all parties travel to the designation, which can be time-consuming and costly. However, it is vital to have remote deposition services that meet the highest standards to ensure accuracy and legal standards. If you are looking for quality remote deposition services near me, you can rely on our team at EcoScribe Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our worldwide remote deposition services.